Arizona Sky

Date Created
Work Medium
38 in x 24 in x ;42 in x 28 in
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Historical Context
Armand Merizon was born in Kalamazoo in 1920, and his family moved to Grand Rapids a few years later. He studied art in Boston and New York and became a full-time artist in 1950, later resettling back in Grand Rapids. He taught, exhibited and lectured worldwide. Museums, galleries and collectors across the globe hold claim to hundreds of Merizon paintings.
Although he became known for his photo-realistic landscapes and imaginative nature scenes, he started experimenting with abstraction in the late 1980s when macular degeneration began to blur his vision.
Landscape painting. A very flat landscape with green/yellow grass in the foreground. It fades into the distance and becomes brown rugged terrain. In the very background there are mountains painted with atmospheric perspective. There are light clouds in the sky.
Gift of Bette and Bernon Young